Quotations and reservations must be sent with a written request via email at info@milanlimousineservice.it

The booking office will send a written confirmation.

If you do not receive a written confirmation within the next hour, or for urgent confirmations, is the Customer’s responsibility to call our Call Center available 24 hours a day.

The services reserved must be paid in advance through the following ways of payment:

  • credit card by filling out the form of debit authorization that will be sent from our office through PayPal method (3% surcharge);
  • bank transfer at least 48 hours before carrying out the services with currency date foregoing the service and you have to let us know the number of Cro;
  • straight to the driver at the end of the service in cash or by credit card.
  • For the payment of required services outside the original reservation your credit card will be required to guarantee the booking and the balance shall take place before the end of the service.

The invoice is issued only upon request at time of booking/payment. If the invoice is not required, we will note the payment in the register of charges.

Tips are not included in the quotations, but are at the discretion of the Customer.

The driver’s meal will be charged if the service is carried out between 12:00 and 14:30 and between 19:00 and 21:30.

The cancellation of the booked services, must be sent via email at info@milanlimousineservice.it

Our office will send a confirmation of the cancellation. If the Customer does not receive such confirmation is the Customer’s responsibility to call our Call Center available 24 hours a day.

  • In case of no-show or cancellation of transfer services made with a less than 24 hours notice will be charged a penalty equal to 100% of the total service;
  • In case of cancellation notice between 48 and 24 hours the penalty will be 30%;
  • In case of cancellation made before 48 hours no penalty is due.

In case of no-show or cancellation of services penalties will be agreed upon during the reservation according to the period of the required service.

Each passenger may bring a number of luggage (usually 2) that can be carried in the car.

  • In the case of bulky luggage, we ask to inform us during the booking.
  • In the case of non-communication our staff can refuse to carry bulky objects or luggage in excess compromising the safe and optimal visibility of the chauffeur while driving.
  • Luggage is transported under exclusive responsibility of the Customer. The forgotten luggage in the coach will be held at our offices or delivered upon request at the address indicated by the customer at his own expenses.

The Customer is aware that his personal data are stored in the databases of Milan Limousine Service with headquarters in Milan via Fabriano 7/2 and are used exclusively by the undersigned and by institutions and companies linked to them solely for the administrative formalities and for sending commercial and promotional material deriving from the chauffeured rental car of Milan Limousine Service.

Customers of chauffeured car rental are forbiddend from:

  • smoking in vehicles;
  • throwing objects from vehicles;
  • soiling or damage the vehicle;
  • claiming that the transport is performed in violation of the rules of the Traffic Laws;
  • using or transporting drugs inside the vehicle.